Psychometric profiling for customer care

Is there a customer service capable of giving the right answer to every single customer?

In the inbound dynamics of the customer care service, when the customer comes to us to request information, receive assistance or report a problem, psychometric profiling allows us to intercept the customer’s state of mind and attitude at that given moment to adapt responses and assistance strategy.

Psychometric profiling for customer care allows you to detect the mood of users in real time and adapt actions and responses to the expectations of the individual customer.

Nov 21, 2023

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Psychometric profiling for customer care

Why use psychometric profiling in customer care?

Offering personalized assistance in customer care is essential because each customer is a unique individual with specific needs, preferences and problems.

Giving personalized customer service helps create a stronger bond between the company and the customer.

This approach allows you to obtain various advantages in terms of customer satisfaction, loyalty, constructive feedback, competitive differentiation.

Simply put, companies that offer a personalized and tailored service have an advantage over those that treat customers in a standardized way.

How to do psychometric profiling in customer care?

In customer service, telephone transcripts, emails and messages requesting customers, reviews or complaints, social comments, demographic information on CRM, chat are some of the sources on which psychometric profiling can be applied for customer care.

The psychometric analysis focuses on the examination of function words within speech (adverbs, conjunctions, articles) to detect “how” the client is speaking and not “what” he is saying.

The greater frequency of use of functional words and the focus on the methods of communication rather than on the content allow us to obtain a result in real time and free of bias.

The advantages of psychometric profiling in customer care

Psychometric analysis allows you to understand your customers’ personality traits, attitudes and values ​​in greater depth. This allows you to personalize interactions and encourage the development of a relationship of trust.

With a deeper understanding of your customer’s personality, you can adapt your communication style and tone to be more in tune with individual preferences. For example, some may prefer a more formal approach, others may appreciate a more informal and friendly tone.

Understanding the psychology of customers can help to better manage conflict situations, preferring an empathetic approach, or a quick and direct resolution of problems.


customer care psychometric traits

Resources for psychometric profiling in customer care

Omni-channel customer care strategies have enabled a series of touchpoints both inbound and outbound, through which companies and consumers come into contact.

Through these channels we are now able to collect conversational data (conversational insights) to obtain real-time feedback on offers and services, detect problems and critical issues, respond to customer needs and anticipate their needs.

In particular, in the context of customer service, telephone transcripts, e-mails and customer request messages, reviews or complaints, social comments, personal information and chat messages are the resources that psychometric profiling for customer care uses to detect the customer’s profile and mood in real time.

Knowing the relevant character profile of the customer allows you to adapt the tone of communication and the type of customer service language to benefit customer satisfaction.

How does psychometric profiling work in customer care?

Psychometric profiling techniques in customer care allow us to detect character traits that indicate a propensity towards a particular communication style (logical vs emotional) or susceptibility towards gain/no gain or loss/no loss type messages.

The detection of the customer’s personality made possible by PortrAIt is based on the analysis of the function words used in speech, which identify the way in which one expresses oneself, without making judgments on the content.

Furthermore, the greater frequency of function words (adverbs, conjunctions, articles) allows you to obtain a result in real time, bringing an enormous advantage in terms of customisation.

In this way the tone and contents of the messages and responses of the customer care service are adapted to customer expectations and the “next best actions” to be carried out to guarantee quality customer service are prepared.

personalized customer assistance with psychometric profiling

What are useful psychometric traits in customer care?

In customer care, several psychometric traits may be relevant to understanding and interacting effectively with customers. Some of these traits include:

Open-mindedness: the predisposition to new ideas and experiences can influence the willingness to try new solutions proposed by the customer care service.

Extroversion/Introversion: Extroverted people may prefer more lively and communicative interactions, while introverted people may require a more reserved and calm approach.

Empathy: The ability to understand and share customers’ emotions is essential to providing empathetic and understanding support.

Compliance: Some customers may prefer clear guidelines and standard solutions, while others may appreciate a more flexible and adaptable approach.

Emotional resilience: The ability to manage stress and difficult situations can be an important trait for dealing with complex complaints or problems.

Level of Confidence: Some clients may require greater reassurance and support to feel confident in their decisions.

Preferred communication style: Some may prefer clear, concise communication, while others may desire more detailed and descriptive dialogue.

Patience Level: The ability to handle impatient customers or stressful situations is critical to staying calm and solving problems.

Understanding these traits allows the customer care team to tailor interactions to better meet customer needs and preferences, providing a more personalized and targeted service.

psychometric profiling customer care kpi


Psychometric profiling can help improve various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in customer care, allowing a more personalized and targeted approach to specific customer needs.

Response Time: Understanding how customers prefer to communicate allows you to set up the right channel and speed up response times.

Customer Satisfaction: understanding customers’ emotional preferences and expectations allows you to personalize the customer care approach and improve customer satisfaction.

Resolution at First Contact: knowing the customer’s psychometric profile can guide customer care in providing more suitable solutions from the first contact, reducing the need for further interactions to resolve a specific problem.

Call abandonment rate: Psychometric profiling can help identify customers who may be more likely to abandon calls and enable customer care to adopt specific strategies to retain or reconnect these customers during interactions.

Customer Retention: understanding customers’ emotional needs and preferences improves loyalty, reducing the churn rate and promoting a long-term relationship.

Overall, psychometric profiling offers an opportunity to adapt customer care practices in a more targeted way, improving effectiveness and the overall customer experience.

Source: CMI Magazine

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