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docs psychometric profiling portrait platform user guide

Welcome to our learning center with the Portrait psychometric profiling documentation.

These pages were created aiming to guide you through the use of our profiling technology developed by Athics as a SaaS.

As you will explore the Portrait psychometric profiling documentation, you will have access to a number of essential resources and information that will guide you through the first steps of psychometric profiling.

This process involves creating a correlation matrix, a critical tool for understanding the relationships between various traits and psychological characteristics of your users, business partners, customers and suppliers.

Through profiling, you will be able to discover and understand more deeply the psychometric traits of people you interact with, allowing you to personalize your communication, marketing and relationship management strategies.

Additionally, you will learn to create effective profiling teams, ensuring that you and your team can maximize the value of the information gathered through this process.

With profiling, you can get a clearer and more detailed view of your audience and business partners, allowing you to adapt your business strategies to better meet their needs and expectations.

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing capabilities, optimize decision-making processes, or strengthen customer relationships, profiling can be a powerful and essential tool for the success of your business.

Explore available resources and begin your journey to a deeper understanding of your stakeholders and their needs.

Enjoy the reading!

The Portrait team