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Correlation Matrix

Psychometric correlation matrix are tools used to analyze the relationships between variables measured through psychological tests or questionnaires. These matrices show the correlation coefficients between different variables, allowing psychologists and researchers to better understand how different characteristics or traits influence each other.

Psychometric correlation matrix in portrait psychometric profiling

With Portrait it is possible to create a correlation matrix (traffic lights) through the dedicated interface, as shown in the figure below:

how to create a psychometric correlation matrix with portrait profiling saas platform

Correlations can be positive, negative or zero, indicating the type and intensity of the relationship between two variables. For example, a positive correlation between two traits suggests that they tend to increase or decrease together, while a negative correlation indicates that they vary in opposite directions.

Correlation matrixes are often used in the construction and validation of psychometric instruments and psychological profiles and in scientific research to better understand the structure of psychological traits and their interconnections. This analysis can also be used in contexts such as marketing campaigns, communication, sales, personnel recruitment, professional orientation, psychological evaluation and in many other cases such as, the tendency to churn, risk of insolvency of a policy insurance, etc…

Psychometric correlation matrix traffic lights

With Portrait you can create “traffic-light indicators” that will turn green when your profiled users have the characteristics you identified in the correlation matrix (see the chapter of the documentation dedicated to the creation of traffic lights).

portrait psychometric correlation matrix traffic lights

Where to get the data to form your matrix

You have 2 ways to create your own correlation matrix:
Use data in your possession
You can proceed with various profiling of your database and see what psychometric traits your users have in common.

Studies in psychology

There are many psychology studies where it is possible to recover data about the psychometric traits belonging to a certain type of user.

NB: Contact us if you need immediate support in creating your correlation matrix.