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Dev Mode

The portrait platform provides a psychometric profiling dev mode functionality (portrait profiling dev mode).

By activating the dev mode functionality you will be able to view the Curl request to the Portrait API and the related response.

A cURL call is a type of HTTP request made using the cURL command, a command-line application used to transfer data over networks using various protocols, including HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, FTPS, and others. A cURL call can be used to retrieve data from a web server, send data to a server, perform integration testing, debugging, and much more.

The curl call code contains the data needed to integrate with Portrait’s API. This way you can immediately try our psychometric profiling within your systems.

To get started with dev mode psychometric profiling follow the steps described in the image series below.

Click on the “dev mode” button:

activate portrait profiling dev mode

By activating the button you will notice that the graphic appearance of the platform will change instantly.

On the left side, right under the analysis button, you will find the Curl to use, as shown in the figure below:

curl dev mode portrait profiling

While on the right side of the platform, the API response will be shown in the form of JSON CODE returned by the Curl you will use, as shown in the figure below:

portrait profiling dev mode response

Click on the “dev mode” button again to return to the classic view of the Portrait platform.

If you need further information or want to request support from the Athics team you can contact us by clicking here.