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Basic Psychometric Traits

Below is the list of basic psychometric traits detected by Portrait technology.

behav_decisionmakingA subject with a high score in behav_decisionmaking is capable of making quick and accurate decisions, even under pressure. A person with a low score may struggle to make decisions or make impulsive choices.
behav_impressionmanagementA subject who cares greatly about how others perceive them and adjusts their behavior accordingly.
behav_lifesatisfactionA subject who feels happy and satisfied with their life in general.
behav_spendingattitudeSomeone who is frugal and saves money, or, conversely, someone who is inclined to spend freely.
net_transitivityA subject who has many connections and friendships that know each other, creating a densely interconnected network.
pers_adventurousSomeone who loves to travel to exotic places and engage in adventurous activities like rock climbing or skydiving.
pers_agreeablenessA person who is kind, cooperative, and seeks to avoid conflicts in social interactions.
pers_altruismA subject who dedicates a lot of time to volunteering and genuinely cares about the well-being of others.
pers_angerSomeone who easily gets angry in stressful or provocative situations.
pers_anxietySomeone who is often worried, anxious, or nervous, even in non-particularly stressful situations.
pers_art_interestsA subject who finds satisfaction in painting, sculpting, music, or other artistic activities.
pers_assertivenessA person who is skilled at defending their opinions and asserting themselves in discussions.
pers_cautionSomeone who tends to be cautious in decision-making and avoids risks and impulsive behaviors.
pers_cheerfulnessSomeone who is often cheerful, optimistic, and in a good mood.
pers_conscientiousnessA person who is very organized, meticulous, and attentive to detail in their activities.
pers_cooperativityA subject who is willing to work as part of a team and collaborate with others to achieve common goals.
pers_creativityA subject who is creative in ideas, art, or problem-solving.
pers_depressionSomeone who struggles with sadness, despair, and feelings of worthlessness.
pers_disciplineSomeone who is capable of following a strict routine and fulfilling their duties without procrastination.
pers_efficaciaA subject who believes in their ability to successfully achieve their goals and perform effective actions.
pers_emotionHow A subject expresses emotions, such as being reserved or extroverted in showing affection or happiness.
pers_excitabilityHow sensitive A subject is to strong emotions, like euphoria or surprise.
pers_extroversionA sociable person who draws energy from social interactions and engagement with others.
pers_friendlynessHow friendly, affable, and well-disposed A subject is towards others.
pers_gregariousnessHow actively A subject seeks the company of others and participates in social events.
pers_immoderabilityThe tendency of A subject to indulge in excessive behaviors, such as overeating or excessive alcohol consumption.
pers_intellectualHow interested A subject is in intellectual topics, like reading books or participating in philosophical discussions.
pers_liberalThe political or social stance of A subject supporting equality and individual freedom.
pers_modestyA subject’s ability to avoid self-promotion and maintain a modest opinion of themselves.
pers_moralityHow much A subject adheres to ethical and moral standards in their actions and decisions.
pers_neuroticismThe degree of emotional reactivity and tendency to experience anxiety and agitation.
pers_opennessA subject’s willingness to accept new ideas, experiences, and viewpoints.
pers_orderHow much A subject desires to maintain order and organization in their life and environment.
pers_proactivityA subject’s tendency to take the initiative and actively seek opportunities and solutions.
pers_selfcontrolA subject’s ability to manage their impulses and avoid impulsive behaviors.
pers_sense_of_dutyHow much A subject feels obligated to fulfill their duty and honor their commitments.
pers_sympathyA subject’s capacity to feel empathy and compassion for others.
pers_trustHow much A subject trusts others and their intentions.
pers_vulnerabilityThe degree of emotional fragility and susceptibility to emotional wounds in A subject.
pers_willA subject’s determination and willpower to pursue long-term goals.
values_achievementThe importance attributed to achieving career and personal success goals.
values_benevolenceThe importance attributed to behaving kindly and helping others.
values_conformityThe inclination to follow social norms and adapt to the expectations of others.
values_hedonismThe pursuit of pleasure and enjoyment as the primary goal in life.
values_powerThe desire to gain power and control over others or situations.
values_securityThe importance attributed to financial stability, insurance, and personal protection.
values_self-directionThe importance attributed to independence, autonomy, and personal self-expression.
values_stimulationThe tendency to seek stimulating and adventurous experiences, such as traveling to exotic places or engaging in extreme sports.
values_traditionThe importance attributed to respecting cultural customs and family traditions.
values_universalismThe importance attributed to universal values such as equality, social justice, and solidarity.
Basic psychometric traits