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Use Aggregate Traits

The Portrait platform allows you to use aggregate psychometric traits in order to optimize and accelerate the analysis of user profiles. These aggregate traits essentially constitute predefined correlation matrices, developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

To activate this functionality and view the aggregate traits, simply select the appropriate toggle available on the platform’s homepage.

This option is clearly marked and easily accessible, as illustrated in the image below.

Once activated, you will benefit from the convenience and efficiency offered by aggregated psychometric traits when analyzing user profiles.

how to activate aggregate psychometric traits analysis

You can read the description of each aggregate trait by hovering over the question mark icon, as shown in the image below:

aggregate psychometric traits details

Before using aggregate psychometric traits, we recommend that you access the dedicated page in the documentation.

There you will find all the detailed descriptions of the various aggregate traits available.

These descriptions provide key information about each trait, including characteristics and full description.

Following these directions will help you fully understand how to use and interpret aggregate psychometric traits effectively.

Be sure to consult the documentation to take full advantage of the potential of this resource. Need Help? Contact us by clicking here.

NB: Think of aggregate traits as correlation matrices. If you’re unsure about their purpose or functionality, contact us or refer to the dedicated documentation page for clarification.