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Athics Account

When you access your user profile, by entering the system as illustrated on the previous page, you will find a window dedicated to managing your Athics account (the company that developed and owns Portrait technology).

This window is designed to facilitate the management of your profile, offering a series of options and tools to customize and optimize your user experience across the entire Athics ecosystem.

Through this interface, you can change your account settings, update your personal information, manage notification preferences, and much more.

It is an essential tool for ensuring that your use of Portrait is tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

what is the Athics account?

When you decide to sign up for the Portrait SaaS platform for psychometric profiling or the SaaS conversational AI platform crafter.ai, an Athics account is automatically generated.

This account allows you seamlessly access to all products offered by Athics.

Whether you’re exploring your users’ personalities with Portrait or building advanced conversational AI solutions with crafter.ai, the Athics account gives you unified, convenient access to explore and fully utilize the resources and features offered by the Athics product suite.

athics account

The “athics account” page is a central hub for managing various settings, including configuring the Portrait service and other options dedicated to managing crafter.ai.

These settings give users detailed control over the features and customizations of both platforms.

Through an intuitive interface, users can navigate between the various sections by clicking on the icons displayed in the figure above, allowing quick and direct access to the desired features.

This structure facilitates the configuration and optimization of the platforms, improving the user experience and ensuring efficient management of resources and business processes.