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Buy Credits

With Portrait’s free plan you can test the technology using a 30 credits free trial.
Once these trial credits have expired, to continue using our solution it is necessary to purchase Portrait psychometric profiling credits.

There are various top-up sizes, depending on your needs, which you can discover on the dedicated pricing page by clicking here.

Follow the procedure described in the series of images below to purchase new credits and top up your account.

First click on your profile as shown in the figure:

how to buy new portrait psychometric profiling credits

An area of the platform will open where you can purchase Portrait psychometric profiling credits and top up your account.

click on the button buy credits

Select the total amount or number of tokens you want to purchase. Remember 1 credit entitles to 1 profiling.

Then enter your company details and click on purchase.

select amount of profiling credits do you want to buy

NB: This area of the Portrait platform is under the Athics account (the company that developed the Portrait platform and Crafter.ai) therefore you will notice the possibility of logging in with your account, both in the conversational AI solution (crafter.ai) or in psychometric profiling (Portrait).

Contact us if you need help.

The credits you purchase in this area can be used for both our technologies.