Psychometric profiling for sales

Psychometric profiling for sales is positioned as a powerful tool for gaining in-depth customer insights, allowing companies to adapt their sales strategies in a more targeted and effective way.

Imagine surprising your prospects and customers by anticipating their needs and expectations in your sales messages.

Understanding the mood of a potential buyer towards a brand, a product or a promotion allows you to interact with the right communication and present sales proposals in line with expectations.

Nov 23, 2023

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psychometric profiling for sales

Why doing psychometric profiling in sales?

Not all customers are the same, and understanding individual nuances can make the difference between a mediocre sales interaction and extraordinary success.

The effectiveness of the sales interaction is measured on the ability to interact one to one with the potential buyer.
Knowing in advance the main psychological traits of the consumer allows you to adopt the right communication, leverage the most important aspects for the customer, increase involvement and conversion opportunities.

How to do psychometric profiling in sales?

Analyzing the functional words used in emails and messages requesting information, social comments, reviews, demographic information on CRM, chat, allows us to return the main psychometric traits in terms of purchasing behavior.

Knowing the psychometric profile in advance allows you to adapt communication to the individual customer automatically and propose the right communication and offer at the right time to increase the chances of conversion.

Benefits of psychometric profiling in sales.

Using psychometric profiling in sales allows companies to build stronger relationships with customers.

The sales strategy is customized based on the individual characteristics of the customers.

Understanding consumers’ personalities, values ​​and psychological preferences allows you to tailor sales messages, creating a more engaging experience at every stage of the sales funnel.

psychometric profiling sales touch point

Resources for psychometric profiling in sales.

The multiple digital touchpoints through which customers and prospects come into contact with a brand represent a precious source of data useful for psychometric customer profiling.

Demographic analysis, analysis of purchasing behavior, collection of feedback, segmentation by customer life cycle, analysis of social interactions and consumption habits are some techniques used in the sales field to set sales strategies data driven.

AI-based psychometric profiling allows you to obtain a picture of the main personality traits of the individual consumer, using sources of textual content (such as emails and messages requesting information, social comments, reviews, demographic information on CRM, chat, etc. ).

How does psychometric profiling work in sales?

Psychometric profiling uses psychological measurements to understand people’s skills, knowledge, skills, attitudes and personality traits. Leveraging this knowledge, companies can tailor products to meet specific psychological target groups, making them more attractive and relevant.

For example, it is possible to detect whether the customer has a high spending profile or a compulsive and emotionally driven purchasing attitude, whether he wishes to appear and feel part of a group, whether he prefers brands that communicate a specific identity, whether he is open to innovation or a conservative attitude, etc.

AI-based psychometric profiling analyzes the function words (adverbs, articles, conjunctions) used by the customer during the interaction, to derive the main psychometric traits in terms of purchasing behavior, without making judgments on the content of the communication.

sales customization with psychometric profiling

What are useful psychometric traits for sales?

The psychometric traits relevant to digital sales can vary depending on the specific context and the product or service offered.
However, some common traits that are often considered relevant to digital sales include:

  • the level of openness to innovation: customers with a high level of openness to innovation may be more inclined to adopt new technologies and digital approaches;
  • security orientation: some customers may be particularly sensitive to the security guarantee of online transactions;
  • financial risk tolerance: some customers may be more inclined to make online purchases if they perceive a lower financial risk;
  • support and assistance needs: some customers may prefer online self-service resources, while others may want more direct human support;
  • personal shopping motivations: some may be motivated by discounts and special offers, while others may be more interested in a smooth shopping experience.

Considering these psychometric traits in digital sales can help personalize sales strategies, improving customer engagement and satisfaction in the online environment.

Digital sales psychometric profiling KPIs


Psychometric profiling can help improve several Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in sales, including:

  • Conversion Rate
  • Lead Generation ability
  • Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Churn Rate (or abandonment rate)
  • Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Online Engagement
  • Response Rate

The effective use of these metrics provides a complete picture of the performance of digital sales activities, allowing companies to evaluate the success of their strategies and make any corrections or improvements based on the results obtained.

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